Rotary Cutting Die Manufacturer - Serving Grayslake, IL

Searching for a rotary cutting die manufacturer? Every day, millions of products are manufactured using Chicago Cutting Die rotary cutting solutions.

Trusted Worldwide Since 1923

Chicago Cutting Die, based in Northbrook, Illinois, USA, serves customers in Grayslake, IL (60030). Founded 98 years ago, Chicago Cutting Die is an industry leader in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and reconditioning of extremely high quality, precise rotary cutting dies, rotary cutting die machines, and rotary cutting equipment.

Since 1923, Chicago Cutting Die has led the rotary die manufacturer industry by designing and manufacturing tight tolerance, highly accurate, custom workhorse dies for high speed, high volume converting applications. Our rotary cutting dies are available in:

  • Different cutting depths, edge profiles, and multi-level features on a single die
  • Specialty coatings such as TiN, chrome, Teflon, diamond, anodizing, and more
  • Extremely tight tolerances of 0.0002" (0.005 mm) TIR or better (down to 1 micron)
  • Any type of metal including tungsten carbide, powdered metal, tool steel, stainless steel, and aluminum

Our specialty rotary cutting dies can be tailored to meet your needs for the type of die, equipment, and tool hardness. And, we can analyze your application and recommend a specific tool material per your converting requirements.

We also build and recondition rotary cutting dies and equipment for leading industry converting machinery manufacturers such as W&D, Pace, F.L. Smithe, Preco, Delta, Holweg Weber, and others.

Highly Accurate

When we say we provide "close tolerance" and "precise" machining, we mean: tight tolerances of 0.0002" (0.007 mm) TIR or better (down to 1 micron).

What Are Rotary Cutting Dies?

Rotary cutting dies allow converters to rapidly and accurately shape, blank, score, crush cut, slit, shear cut, kiss cut, emboss, through cut, crease, and perforate high volumes of foil, paper, nonwovens, packaging, fabric, plastic, foam, film, and other soft materials. Rotary cutting dies work with a variety of materials including thick or abrasive materials.

3 Affiliated Companies Under 1 Roof

With an array of nearly 200 CNC and manual machining tools under one roof in our 80,000 sf facility, Chicago Cutting Die is well-positioned to provide rotary cutting dies for customers in Grayslake, Illinois. And, we can easily scale when a customer's technology, materials, volume, or requirements change. As one of three affiliated companies under one roof, we provide a single source for rotary cutting dies and modules, matched metal cutting dies, low volume precision machining, high volume precision machining, micromachining, wire EDM, and metal stamping.


Chicago Cutting Die adheres to ISO standards. Using sophisticated, certified, calibrated QC measuring instruments and equipment, quality checks are performed at various stages throughout the precision machining process.

Design & Engineering

When it comes to product improvements, new applications, or cost reduction, precision machining projects often require design & engineering expertise. Whether you have detailed drawings or simple sketches on the back of a napkin, our team of Certified SolidWorks Professionals will evaluate your concept and suggest improvements to maximize efficiency and productivity rooted in 98 years of experience.

  • Maximum efficiency
  • Custom solutions for any challenge
  • High performance
  • Superior technical and troubleshooting know-how
How May We Help You?
Contact us today to request a proposal and learn why the world's greatest companies — in over 40 industries and 22 countries — rely on Chicago Cutting Die to deliver unrivaled craftsmanship at the highest possible value, with superior performance second to none:
5 Generations, 98 Years of Quality

Our roots can be traced back to the 1800s when Andreas Anderson was a respected blacksmith in Sweden. He taught his children the art of blacksmithing during intensive four-year apprenticeships beginning at age 14. Two of his offspring, William and Frank Anderson, emigrated to the United States and founded Chicago Cutting Die 98 years ago in 1923.

The Anderson brothers vowed to provide every customer with the very finest products at competitive prices. Furthermore, they committed to conducting business only on the highest level of professionalism based on honesty, integrity, and mutual trust.

Today, Andreas' great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren operate Chicago Cutting Die. While we've invested millions of dollars to upgrade our facilities and technologies, our commitment to unsurpassed quality has never wavered. It is every bit as strong today as it was in 1923. We owe today's success to a long list of loyal customers and our dedicated employees who share our family philosophy.

Fast Facts:
  • over 40 industries served
  • customers in 22 countries
  • nearly 200 machines & tools
  • 80,000 square foot facility
  • 3 affiliated companies under one roof
  • 1 point of contact