With over 85 years of experience, Chicago Cutting Die is well equipped to handle all your cutting die needs. From segmented rotary dies to bonding rolls to turnkey machinery solutions, we always craft with the highest quality and at the lowest possible cost.

Bonding Rolls Consistent Every Time Through

Expertise with materials, shapes and configurations all goes into Chicago Cutting Die’s superior line of bonding rolls. From feminine hygiene products to facial cleansing pads, our rolls are used in the non-wovens industry to crimp, emboss and seal materials in disposable products. They can be heat-treated or surface heat-treated and made from a variety of premium tool steels and different hardening treatments to optimize the application. Our bonding rolls are ground to a TIR (total indicator runout) of .000050 or better, ensuring your product’s pattern is identical every time. At CCD, precision is just as crucial to bonding as it is to cutting.