Manufacturers of all sizes have benefited from our global, cross-industry perspective. And the knowledge we have gained from our relationships has provided us with the expertise to suggest what works best, what doesn’t and how to improve your processes. From personal care to medical to flexible packaging, companies rely on us for tight precision at extremely high manufacturing speeds, reduced downtime and maintenance costs, and die cutting that is integrated into an efficient manufacturing process.

The Highest Levels of Technological Sophistication

Some of our best work is full of holes. As a premier precision tool and die crafter for over eight decades, Chicago Cutting Die has teamed with leading manufacturers to innovate rotary and cutting dies to the highest levels of technological sophistication, solving business challenges as tough as steel – even tungsten carbide. If you're looking for smart new ways to optimize manufacturing processes and extend tool life, we can be an invaluable resource. We have a whole lot of experience to share.