Manufacturers of all sizes have benefited from our global, cross-industry perspective. And the knowledge we have gained from our relationships has provided us with the expertise to suggest what works best, what doesn’t and how to improve your processes. From personal care to medical to flexible packaging, companies rely on us for tight precision at extremely high manufacturing speeds, reduced downtime and maintenance costs, and die cutting that is integrated into an efficient manufacturing process.

Accelerating the Pace for Manufacturing Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging

3600 bandages per minute help wounds heal faster. It's not just cutting butterflies lightning-quick that attracts customers. It's our expertise cutting and shaping non-woven materials to precise tolerances. It's our proven techniques that include utilizing materials like tungsten carbide steel to extend tool life.

At Chicago Cutting Die, we help you accelerate your pace of innovation by showing you technologies you haven't yet tried. We know what works, what doesn't and a lot about what's next. That's why so many top manufacturers stick with us. So if you're looking to improve your cutting and shaping processes, just give us a call. You'll feel better fast.